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The wish by Ed

Once me and my class were blasted off to New Zealand by the class computer  where he said he wanted to see us in the wild . In his robot body he brought us to Robot central where we met Agent.C                                                                                                                                                        “How did you get here and why? ” I said. ” “Well this is a teleportation/time machine called the magnadoodle, and I came here because you guys had a video call here and I came to visit them. But that’s all besides the point I can make one persons wish come true and it will be yours.” He looked at me.” In 2017 I hope for simple peace .

2 thoughts on “The wish by Ed”

  1. Ah, peace. I think that everyone in the world would like to see peace around the world in 2017, Ed. Here’s hoping. Good work, well done!

  2. Ms Brennock Team 100w/c

    Great writing Ed. I like how you have worked the prompt into a story. That’s a great wish, especially since you only had one wish. It would be great if your wish came true! Have a very Happy Christmas.

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