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Dracula’s castle by EVAN

In 2017 I hope to see my dad run in Romania. He’s running a 100km race in Transylvania. It is over the mountains. There will be bears and wolves and maybe some vampires too . It starts and finishes in Dracula’s castle in a town called Bran. My whole family is coming to Romania too. My dad runs a lot of races, he has ran 50 marathons . He’s ran 100 miles in 23 hours before. And next year I hope to see him run a lot more. But the Transylvania run is first. I hope that in 2017 my dad will run a lot more runs next year

3 thoughts on “Dracula’s castle by EVAN”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of running. I think that I’d prefer not to run in Transylvania though! Bears and wolves and vampires – although I might run a lot faster if I thought that they were after me!!! Good work, well done!

  2. What a fabulous story story Evan. Your dad sounds like a very fit and athletic man. I was in Romania several years ago and visited the town of Transylvania. It’s an absolutely beautiful place. I’m so glad I didn’t see any vampires there though. Well done on your story. Hope all your dreams for 2017 come true.

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