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Premier league champions by Sam

In 2017 I hope to go back to see Chelsea beat Man United 8 nil, and watch them lift the Premiere League trophy in Stamford Bridge. It would be great to see Jose Mourinho s face and it would be great for the new Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.Chelsea had a terrible season last year I thought my dad would have a heart attack how bad they where.Now this season is so much better for them.I just love going to stamford bridge and I love London the city it is in. So that is why in 2017 I hope that Chelsea will win the premier league.

3 thoughts on “Premier league champions by Sam”

  1. As you know, Sam, I’m really not a Chelsea fan (come on you GUNNERS!!!) but I think that your hope for 2017 will probably come true, as your team are picking points even when they aren’t playing well. Good work, well done!

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