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Month: November 2016

The zoo by Shane

One Sunday afternoon my Mam dad decided to take me to the zoo.So then on the way to the zoo we heard on the news that the biggest crocodile in the zoo had excape.So next thing you we see the crocodile running down the street shooting wide orange fireballs out of its mouth.When we approached the zoo people where running in all directions.One old women even collapsed on my dad “it was hilarious ” Within a matter of minutes the zoo keepers where holding back a two headed tiger that was running through the zoo.THIS WAS THE BEST ZOO EVER !!!!!

the Aussie zoo

On a sunny morning in the outback, on the wide orange sand of by the boarder of Sydney, there was a crocodile moving around looking for water, i thought he would eat me but he didnt even look at me he must of been so thirsty… i said to myself that i would follow the crocodile as i too was so so thirsty and i stayed behind him. i was so so close to the crocodile, probably within 3 metres away from the crocodile and i thought i was going to collapse because i started seeing things that were not there like, restaurants and pubs but it was my mind playing tricks and i passed out.


Day In the zoo By Radek

It was normal day. I went to the Zoo. In the zoo I saw crocodile first. I tell my friend “Look This crocodile has sweets within belly. (It was not real crocodile It was Crocodile for Party guys.) Then I saw Monkey. Monkey has wide Orange belly. On first time i think he will collaped. But I think wrong. After zoo we went to the Zoo Swiming Pool. It was really great day in the zoo. After all We went to the bus and we went back to the Waterford. I told my friends It was a very good day. And then I went to the home.

A Day gone wrong by Habib

It was an normal orange day here at weird town. The reason why it’s called  weird town because it’s just weird. One day I decided to go to the weird animal zoo. The weird animal zoo is very weird. (Too weird to be exact) Im just trotting down the path,then I heard a loud noise it sounded like a chicken that was dying. But to my amazement it was a crocodile with a wide smile. (It looked very wide) But the crocodile itself was very thick, it was soo thick it took up half the zoo. So I got my RPG within a second. (I always have it with me) So then I shot the crocodile  severel times for it to fall. But soon after it collapsed. I had to pay 1 RPG. I was so sad but not that sad I had another one.

The Flying Crocodile by Eoin

One night, a man called Mr Muscle was eating his breakfast while watching the news. When he saw the headlines for the morning, he spat his orange juice all over his brother,who was sitting on the sofa beside him.The headlines were that a flying crocodile escaped from Turkey Town Zoo,and flew to somewhere in Chicken Avenue.Mr Muscle almost collapsed after he saw the reward for finding the croc.”15 million euros!?” he said,” I’ll be rich!” Mr Muscle searched far and wide within the country,but couldn’t find anything. He eventually went home and somehow found the flying crocodile sitting on his toilet!”I’m RICH!” he said.



The Simple Orange, by Sam

Hi there I am a crocodile hunter, my job is to recapture and put the crocodiles safely back in there habitat. I received a call from Disney Land Florida to say that a crocodile had escaped their enclosure and it was causing chaos  in the Wide Aqua Land Park. Within a moment i was there, people were collapsed with the fear of the crocodile. People think that I capture the crocodiles with guns and nets, but the best solution to capture them is with a simple orange. People don’t realise that crocodiles love the taste of an orange. I lured the crocodile within minutes into the enclosure with an simple orange.

The Big Statue. by Bartek

I was looking out my window and I saw builders working on something. 1 month later I looked out the window again and they were nearly finished it looked like a crocodile statue. When they were finished it was a big wide ORANGE crocodile. Next day I wanted to look outside but the big crocodile statue was blocking my view. Me and my mom called the workers and we told them about that situation. The builders put dynamite all over the statue and within 1 hour, the workers were ready to blow the statue up. It was time and BOOM!!!!!!!! smoke was everywhere and the whole thing collapsed . The next day my view  from the window was back.


The adventures of Spoyngo boyngo

Hi my name is sproyngo this is my adventure.I had just finished eating my Chinese  food when I first saw the orange crocodile within two minutes he was gone I thought he was super slow then I remembered I had to help my granny fish her knickers out of the loo.So I ran to grans and I saw a man in a van who was called dan.He was trying to catch the crocodile.I went into grans house and helped her get her knickers out that were very wide.Suddenly the crocodile jumped out of the loo and ate granny. I collapsed on the floor and never woke up. The End

Pokemon/The Alolan Region Part.4 By Jack.M

After the Kalos Region was destoyed Ash and Brian were rushed to the Alolan Region.”Wow there are so many new pokemon here”said Ash.”What’s that pokemon?”asked Ash;”It’s an orange looking crocodile“said Brian.”Oh that’s a krokorokodile,there’s a wide variation of those here in Alola”said Professor Kukui.”Me and rockfuff love krokorkodile”said Professer Kukui.”What’s a rockruff”asked Ash.Rockruff collapsed when he saw pikachu.The three friends rushed rockruff to the pokemon center.Within ninety minuets rockruff was ok.”Thank you so much Nurse Joy”said Professer Kukui.”You have so much more to learn about the Alolan Region Ash”said Professer Kukui.”And I can’t wait to see you and pikachu grow.”said Professer Kukui

Funky Orange Crocodile By Maksim

Once There Lived a crocodile That was Orange it was nearly extinct of it’s kind people tryed to buy it from the zoo FOR GAZILLIONS people standing there to see the crocodile were saying he was funky  of it’s kind so the zoo named him funky the orange croc  and within a second of the crocodile turning his head a old grandma always screamed so loud the called her screamdoo And once a man collapsed while looking at the crocodile because it looked so FUNKY\

The End

The strange crocodile by Lennon

It was 7:05 am when I just woke up my mother was calling me 4 to 5 times a minute.  When I was putting on my orange uniform I went down and ate my cereal (corn flakes). I was reading the newspaper and saw on the wide front cover a crocodile had escaped. When I was telling my mam she collapsed. Within 5 minutes she awoke and I went to school.  Just as I got to school the crocodile started to eat me. I was terrified so I started to sing and all of a sudden the crocodile let me out and he said I was a really good singer.

The happy world by Aurimas

My and my friends were playing games like Minecraft.My mom called me for breakfast when I opened the door ,I came into a whole new world ,I said to myself ‘cam down this is not real ‘.when I saw a orange talking bunny I felt on the floor.Within a hour I woke up and I saw a gaint crocodile in front of me I shouted aaaaah! I said ‘why are animals talking’ then the ground calapsed it was so wide but in the hole there was like a portal I jumped and I reallaized  that I was playing my PS4 and I had like ps4 things for the eyes because my mom changed my Minecraft game into a bunny game.

At the zoo by Niall

David brought his kid to the zoo. They were looking at the orange crocodile it was big and wide. All of a sudden David collapsed. Within minutes paramedics arrived. The crocodile had bitten David but David didn’t notice that the crocodile had bitten him. The paramedics could see bite marks on David. The crocodile had bitten David because he couldn’t find his dinner. The crocodile dropped his dinner in the bushes and couldn’t find it. The manager said we are so sorry the crocodile got angry. David’s kid was ok. David was ok and wasn’t angry. The end.

The Creepy Crocodile By Abraham

There was a creepy crocodile that lived everywhere practctly. He followed everyone that saw.”If you want to know his name is JimmyBumBum”. There was this old woman that was 40 years old but she looked 20 years old was walking passed and JimmyBumBum liked her so much that she collasped. He was hiding within two walls and was looking for a way to sneak up on the lady. The woman went to the saloon to get her hair diyed orange. JimmyBumBum was a really friendly crocodile even if was a pure creep.The woman went home to her big wide manshon and went to lock the door and saw JimmyBumBum. 

The swamp by Evan

Hi,my name Joe McQuinn and I am an explorer. This is a story about a time I nearly got eaten by a crocodile. I was exploring a swamp in the jungles of the Amazon and I saw a bridge, so I went over to it. It was really shaky and then suddenly it collapsed and I fell into a wide river. Then I saw a crocodile coming towards me. So I found a orange within my rucksack  and threw it to distract the crocodile. It chased after the orange , so I climbed up a tree and got to safety. Just a normal day in the life of an explorer.

The Ricshay By Ed

“Hello everybody I’m here today to tell you about yet another car.The ricochet model has a wide orange bonnet with a great engine within . While your old car would have collapsed in car crash this would sustain functionality . With Its fine crocodile seats it is a real comforting feeling so hurry on down to your nearest dealer to get them for only $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,. Now where is my pay ” said the add man . “Your pay is one of these cars”  said the designer .”I don’t want one of these, And you now I hate cars and that I only do it for the money”.I know and you got what you deserve” .

Jimmys dream pet by Jack.k

One day there was a boy named Jimmy and he asked his mam and dad could he get a pet crocodile and they said no it would eat you.Jimmy said please but his mam and dad still said no.Jimmy went to school and after a while it was lunch time he was eating his orange still thinking of having a pet crocodile within minutes he thought of an idea.When he went home he asked his mam and dad again they said no so he collapsed he woke up after a while his mam and dad said you have a wide selection of pets to get except a crocodile


The Crazy Scientist by Caedyn

Hi my name is Caedyn. I won a golden ticket to a science lab. As I was walking in to the science lab, I saw a multicoloured snake. He was huge. A scientist called Unicorn was showing us around but me being the nosey person I am, I snuck out of line and saw massive curtains that were red. I opened the curtains and saw a pot with legs coming out of it. It was crazy. Then I got caught. But what they didn’t know was that I got a leaf. So I grew the leaf in an old pot with mini legs coming out of it and showed it to the world!

a weird day by Ryan g

it was a normal day but it wasnt.i saw a big plant with feet in was outside my door step.i called my parents but when they came out it was invisible for them.But i could still see it,i told them it was still there but they did not belive so they thought i was messing.So the next day when i woke up the next day it wasnt there,THE END

Flower pot by Reyad

There was a girl walking down the street. Her name was Emily . She was going shopping she bought food. When she was walking home she saw a flower pot with fake legs in it. She robbed the flower pot and few people saw her taking the flower pot. People were chasing her down to her house. She made it to her house .The people who saw her stealing it were waiting for her outside and they called the police and the police arrived and the arrested her. Few days later the police took he to the court. To be continued.