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Month: October 2016

Rice crispy buns by Niall

Ryan was a fireman he loved his job. Everyday he experienced something different. That’s why he loved it. They were driving around and they saw a fire they got everything set up. They started to put out the fire as the smoke cleared the house was very badly damaged. No one was hurt they went back to the fire station and investigated what caused the fire. The fire was caused by someone making rice crispy buns. They left the house to go to Penney’s. They owner of the house has no house anymore.

Once upon a spy: The day of doom part four. By Ed

“Well this is awkward. “said Kyle (techno man) as they all squeezed into the pink helicopter . “Let shoot at the spaceship from a tall building.”said James(Mad Man). “Bags that I’m shooting” said Evan(Agent.C). “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW .I wanted to shoot”. Said Ben (DoomsDay)                                                                                                      ……………………….                                                     They arrived at the top of the building. “Lets do this”.Said Jennet(Agent.T).  The magnetising gun was in position  and the trigger was in place when . James blasted at the spaceship with his gun . He blasted at the engine . It started to slowly to come down. Evan shot the gun but it didn’t hover it crashed. “Yes” said everybody .And they all lived happily ever after. The End. Or is it as the smoke cleared  they saw the door open and out marched an alien army.

A Massive Fire By Abraham

Once there was a boy called Toby. He loved to set fires every night. When Toby went out to set fires he would make sure he would never get caught. So one night Toby went to set a fire in his neighbours garden but what he did not know is that his neighbours have a cc camera on their door. Then Toby took out a lighter and set their garden on fire so Toby ran and jumped behind a wall then Toby watched his neighbours call the fire station. So soon  after the fire men arived and put out the fire then everyone watched as the smoke cleared off.


(This is a story about when I first got my powers.)I woke up and boy I had no idea what was instore for me.I went to work and when I finished I want to my brother’s house and he wasn’t home.Though there was something moving about in the house.I kicked the door down and called 911.Then I started thinking and suddenly there was a huge explosion as the smoke cleared I had relised I was the one who caused the explosion.So I charged up a fire ball and threw it at the criminal.The police came and gave me a reward and they said the criminal that I defeted was wanted worldwide so I was a hero.       The End

Camping is dangerous by Jack k

One day there was a two friends one named Ben and the other named David they are both 18.So one day they decided  to go camping in a forest and did when them got there they put up there tents it was dark now they lit a fire.It was only 6:30 so they stayed up late but at 7:30 that a bear and they were struggling of what to do but  they  got an idea they stopped the fire and as the smoke cleared so that the couldn’t bear see the smoke or smell it.They just ran the whole way back to the car and went home safely.



The Discovery by Ryan G

Once upon a time there was a boy called Ben and a girl called Lucy. They were going on a walk together and they found this remarkable thing. They found a robot that was lying on the ground. They ran back to their houses. They told their parents that they discovered a robot on the ground. The robot was yellow. However, if they went close to it it would try to destroy them. Their parents went to walk close to it and the robot turned on and said “destroy”. They all gingerly walked away and then ran and hid.

The Pro Bottle Flipper by Caedyn

Once upon a time there was a guy named Alex. Alex was a pro bottle flipper. It was remarkable how many he could do. However, he could do every battle flip so gingerly that you couldn’t hear it. We discovered that if you did six hundred and sixty six, it would make a black hole! His favourite bottle was yellow. It was really easy for bottle flips. He had two dogs called Ben and Flex and they were half pug and wolf. He learned to trick shot at the age of seven. The only thing was his dogs hated bottles!

The Banana Man by Ryan P

One day Banana Man was sleeping. However he was late for work. His job was to find criminals and track them down. His best friend Remarkable was blue. He gingerly walked to the door so he didn’t wake up the dogs. But he was clumsy and fell over himself and woke up the dogs! He had to walk to work half dead. His boss discovered he wasn’t in work for the fifth time. The reason was that Banana Man had been run over by a tank and so now he was a big mess. When Remarkable realised that Banana man wasn’t there he saw a big yellow mess on the road and his friend didn’t even care.

Day In The Cinema By Radek

It was Saturday morning. I went to the Cinema with my family. In cinema a went gingerly. My mum bought 3 tickets and we went inside the hall. The screen was yellow. Movie was started at 10:45 .a.m to 12:30 .p.m Movie was about One boy who was discovered the chest with gold. However the boy have special machine to find the gold. Movie was remarkable. After movie we bought ice-creams. After ice-creams we went to the home. At home I played on the PlayStation 4. I play Fifa 17. I play league final match Barcelona vs Manchester United. I won 9-2. Manchester was OUT! And then I won trophy! The End

The haunted house by Jack.M

Me and my friends were outside.There is a haunted house on my street so we decided to go in.We opened the doors and gingerly walked in.It was bright outside however is was really dark inside.We went upstairs and discovered a remarkable gem it was bright yellow.We went to a science lab to see what it is.It turns out it was brandonium.Suddenly a huge crash happened outside.It was brandon.He was back I had to do something.I used the brandonium and brandon turned into dust.”That should be the end of brandon.For now!!”said Jack.Just as I said that the dust turned back into brandon.

The Adventure by Shane


One hallowe’en night a group of kids snuck into a haunted house. As they gingerly pushed open the creaking door, the dim yellow light flickered. They crept down a long hallway and entered a room with a large bookshelf. One of the boys took a book from the shelf and discovered that the bookshelf moved and they could see a dark corridor. They had a conversation about whether they should go down the corridor. Some wanted to have a look, however they decided it was probably a bad idea. They all ran back up the hallway, out the door and home to tell their parents about their remarkable adventure.


The Time-Traveller by Adam

Once there was a boy called Spike who wanted to be a time-traveller. When he told the other boys in his class they laughed at him. One day he sneaked in to the museum near his house without paying. He gingerly crept passed the guard. He discovered lots of remarkable statues and dinosaur skeletons. He saw some beautiful Egyptian masks made of yellow gold and scary looking weapons. He spent hours looking at all the amazing artifacts. Then he found an old phone box that looked exactly like the one in Dr. Who. However this phone box wasn’t a time machine and Spike was really disappointed. He decided that when he was older, he would really love to work in a museum because this would be like time-travelling.


The Great Escape by Keith

This was the night that four prisoners had been waiting for, ever since the ringleader Alan had come up with the remarkable idea of an escape. They sat gingerly making the final plans. They had discovered yellow rain coats in the laundry room, that is what the raft was made out of. However it took awhile for them to get out, as the prison guard was patrolling the landing. They finally got the chance and they drifted along the Ocean. When they got to shore, they met their old buddy Jack. He gave them a new life and they never went back to jail again.

the fight of everything by dylan

……rainbows were burning.People were screaming.Warriors were fighting.However they were losing .The yellow league were wining. I had to do something.  We had been at this for weeks so I desided to go undercover at the yellow legues base. I gingerly snuck abord the air ship. I discovered that they had been hacking our system all along so i crashed the ship and parashuted out.the master of life said what a remarkable discovery. we had won the war and it was all thanks to me.I was soon elected world leader and reined for 1,00,000 years and counting. I have two children who are now warriors.     the end

Bad bad kitty by Evan

There is nothing more annoying than MY cat. He is the most annoying thing in the world. He eats my bed covers, he scratches my favourite yellow scarf to bits and tries to steal my food. However he’s discovered how to annoy me the most. I was sleeping in my bed and he walked gingerly into the room climbed onto the back of the bed and jumped onto my stomach. I screamed OOOOWWW because his claws were stuck in my skin. I jumped out of bed and picked him and threw him out of my room. He landed straight on his feet. He definitely is one of the most remarkable but annoying creatures ever.

The Joke Contest by DAN

One day there was a boy named Bobby. It was a very hot day and bobby was telling a joke and then his yellow pants got mud on them. So he went to clean it up when he came back he told a joke. He thought the remarkable joke  was very funny but his friends  didn’t.  He gingerly  walked across the yard . Then it was Bobby’s friend Rory that said a really funny joke but he wasn’t that funny to the girls as it was a boys joke . The girl Eve discovered  a $2 euro coin on the ground.  However she gave it to the teacher . THE END

Disneyland! by Aurimas

It was a Christmas day my mom and dad were planing to go on a trip in disneyland! They didint say that we were going to dsineyland but I discovered that we were going to disneyland! However I said it was remarkable that the plane was yellow, the plane was going so gingerly inside but it tok ages then we had to go with a taxi and we finally came to disneyland! me and my family said yay, in a sad way .It was nigt already we went to buy a room from hotel and I said ahhh what a viev we slept for a night when it came day, we had the best day of our lives .

The Pendant by Karim

It was a lovely summer morning. The flowers were gingerly coloured and the sun was bright yellow. However a boy and girl named Dipper and Mabel had discovered a remarkable pendant. Dipper put on the pendant and felt a surge of speed through his body and then let Mabel try it on and she felt the same way. They ran away and then ran so fast they ran through time, right to the moment before they found the pendant. They warned their past selves from touching it and ran back home.

The yellow hair by sam

Today is a very unusual day, my teacher walked Gingerly into the class room after he Discovered he used Yellow dye to wash his hair. His hair was so luminous Yellow that we all had to look away because it hurt our eyes with the brightness. Everyone in the class room laughed at him However the teacher just kept on teaching it was Remarkable how the Yellow hair  made him say silly things. We had the best day in school we even got silly homework . We were all sad to see our teacher the next day with boring black hair…

The scary house by Lennon

Once upon a time there was a boy named Bobby. Bobby and his Granddad were in the woods and Bobby discovered a house . Bobby and his Granddad went over. Bobby’s Granddad looked in and saw dancing  skeletons saying scary words. Bobby and his Granddad tiptoed in gingerly , however  Granddad saw a skeleton that  grabbed Bobby and brought him to a room and there was a yellow ouija board in the roomThe skeleton locked the door and shouted to him raise the dead! Somehow with a remarkable effort Bobby managed to escape this evil skeleton.Granddad was so happy to have Bobby back safely.