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A pink giraffe by Abraham

One day me,my class and my teacher went on a trip to the zoo we had a private school bus when we were all packed we set off.WE were half way up there was a big construction site so I looked over to see what they were doing and there I saw a man drilling a hole finally we got up there when we got there we unpacked so then we made a group of four I was with Jack.K,Niall and JJ so we went to look for the giraffe we found him the giraffe was pink we got to quietly tip-toe into the gate where the giraffe was.So after we had lunch when we were finished we had a chat with the lady and I asked “did you spray paint the giraffe”.

4 thoughts on “A pink giraffe by Abraham”

  1. Awesome stuff! I was in stitches when u asked the lady if she spray painted the giraffe! Did she say yes or no? Well done.

    Shane 6th Class SHPS

  2. Hi Abraham.
    I loved redaing your story this week. Great use of the prompt. I wonder did they spray paint the giraffe pink or if he was a rare species.
    Did you have a good trip? Have you ever been to the zoo before?
    Well done again Abraham.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

  3. What a fabulous account of your day trip to the Zoo Abraham. It sounds like you all had a great day. I love how you describe yourselves tip toeing in to see the famous pink giraffe. I wonder did the lady actually spray paint the giraffe? Now you have me thinking! Try to remember your full stops Abraham so the sentences don’t run into each other. Great work though.

  4. And what did the lady say Abraham – DID they spray paint the giraffe? If they did, I wonder why they did it…. good work, well done!

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