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Dan’s strange teacher by Lennon

One day in Dublin there was a boy heading to school. His name was Dan. Dan saw his teacher  and  his teachers name was Mr.Russell, he was pink???He thought to himself wow he  is cool. Breaktime came and the teacher was eating a giraffe and Dan was shocked. He just ran out to the playground.He quietly called his friends.”Have you seen Mr.Russell” he said. They all went to the canteen to see for themselves. There was Mr.Russell sitting at the table   eating a giraffe and drilling pieces of wood together to make a spider for halloween.  The boys looked at each other and said “how strange”.

8 thoughts on “Dan’s strange teacher by Lennon”

  1. Hi Lennon.
    I loved your 100WC this week. That was very strange. I have never seen a pink teacher before.
    Was his skin pink or just his clothes? I don’t think that I would like to eat giraffe. Would you?
    Well done again Lennon.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

    1. How strange indeed! This is a very interesting story and when I started reading it I wasn’t sure which direction it was going to go but when I came to the part where the teacher was eating a giraffe I knew it was going to be a strange one. I’d really love to know what happens next. I bet that would make a good story. Well done.
      Ms O’Keeffe
      Team 100wc

  2. Oh how strange ideed. I think poor Mr. Russell might just turn vegetarian after reading this! Sounds like a great piece of artwork for Halloween though!

  3. Lennon – I can safely say that I have never eaten a giraffe – and I’ve never drilled anything either! Maybe it’s a different Mr. Russell 😀 But definitely a strange teacher! Good work, well done!

  4. Hi Lennon
    Good story!
    I’m not sure eating a giraffe would be too easy.
    I wonder how the children reacted to him eating a giraffe?
    By Calum
    Mrs.Boyces Class

  5. Dear Lennon,

    It is great that you took up this writing challenge! It was a great idea to include dialog in your piece, it really allowed me to understand how surprise Dan was at what he was seeing. I am glad you didn’t have Dan keep his finding to himself, having him get his friends made it seem more real.

    I am wondering if you could find a more creative way to use the required words, maybe something like – Mr. Russell was drilling his fork into his giraffe meal.

    I look forward to seeing more of your writing. Keep up the creative work that you are creating.

    Megan Paul, 5JR in Illinois
    100 WC Team

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