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Month: September 2016


Once upon a time there was two best friends named Jeff and Fred .They went on avengers in the wood.Until one day Fred fell down a hill where he found a portal so he ran up to tell Jeff and told hem about the portal . So they went through it.They saw a pink giraffes then they saw Mr.Grump  their old teacher so they tip toed out in to the portal quietly  hold it up said Mr.Grump. You’re going to fail my class. When they got his glass it was filled with drills. Mr Grump had to go to the toilet. This is our chance get drilling boys. so they made their escape back in through the portal nad were back home in time for dinner!

My Pink Giraffe is a Murderer by Eoin

One day,my Dad won the lotto.The total amount of money he won was 50 million Euro,so I decided to buy a giraffe with the money my Dad gave me.But,that giraffe was CRAZY! I saw him drilling a hole in my teachers head,ate my maths homework and painted himself PINK!! He was a big problem,and I had to stop him,so,I tried to stop him,but it was harder than I thought.Quietly,I snuck up on him,but he saw me and ran away.But then,I bought a giant cage and somehow,I got my giraffe in the cage and then everyone was safe,and my teachers head was fixed. THE END

The weird zoo trip by Habib

I was in school one day.And we were going on a trip to the zoo.My teacher was wearing a pink shirt I don’t know why.We were on the bus going to the zoo.When we were at the zoo I heard loud noises.The animals were so loud.We were walking and looking at animals.I saw a giraffe with the longest neck.I then saw monkeys quietly eating bananas.I heard a drilling sound so I walked to it.I saw them drilling a pool for the seels which were green it was very weird.I just laughed.This was the weirdest zoo trip ever.

My Day at the zoo by Jack K

One day I was going to Dublin zoo with my mam and my dad.As we were driving up quietly in the car. After 1 hour we were finely there and across the road there was a builder drilling in a house and. We went in to the zoo we seen my teacher and 10 minutes we seen a giraffe.And then we walked around for about 1 hour having a look at the animals.And after looking at all the animals my mam.Bought me pink candyfloss and as I ate it we feed the swans.And when I was finished we went home it was a brilliant day.

the pink giraffe by DAN

one day I was at the zoo with my class. And I was going to the giraffe cage. There were no giraffe  outside all the giraffes were inside.There were painters in the room the teacher slipped and fell into paint.The teacher went to go clean up his pants that was full of paint.One of the painters dropped pink paint on the giraffe. And I saw the paint on the giraffe I was talking to my friend about the paint falling on the giraffe.I herd a drilling sound there were  builders building a new part of the zoo. I walk Quietly to the bus .



The arcade By Brian

One day a boy called Lennon was in school,his class were going to the zoo in two weeks so they were learning  about giraffes. But his teacher was talking so quietly  Lennon thought his teacher said pink giraffes! .But then the whole class and teacher started to hear a drilling noise Lennon looked out the window and saw that there were builders and guess what .They were building an arcade! Everyone in Lennon’s class was so happy.Lennon was so happy he did two backflips and a cartwheel .The next day after school Lennon went to the arcade and it had his favourite game pac-woman! THE END

The Braces

My auntie was going to the dentist to get braces.Somehow we passed a girrafe.When we got there she asked for pink braces and the dentist said ok.When he put the mouth holder on he started drilling holes in her mouth.It turns out he was the oppisite of a dentist.He didn’t like teeth at all no wonder he had no teeth.He wanted to get rid of all the teeth in the world.That was on sunday the next day I went to school.When we went inside we were talking about one hundred word challenge and my teacher said good story Jack.m.The End.

Welcome to mi9 by Dylan

“YOU MUST STOP THE PINK TEACHER NOW”said my new boss Stella who little did we know was the crime minister.So I ran to the janitors closet and did my finger scan and drilled a hole quietly to fix the lift.Frank (my new misson leader)said”meet mega giraffe he’s a hightec robo giraffe.I say”cool”.I take out my spypod and download the mega animals app.We run out the secret exit and look for the pink teacher.I say to Rose(one of the mi high teammates)”Stella has been acting strange lately”.Yeah Dylan I agree said Rose”Suddenly I have an idea and take out my face swap app and I compare Stella with the crime minister and it shows that they are the same person……. to be continued


Horror day By Radek

Once time in park we play catch. My friend Niall have pink shirt.In the park we saw giraffe.After 1 hour my friend fall down.He lose 1 hand. I said “That was horror!“ Then hi`s legs fall down we can`t see that because we are scared.We go to hospital. In the hospital Mr.Doctor drilling his  2nd hand!. Teacher came to the hospital he saw all he was scared.After all friend die Ryan said “LOL THAT WAS HORROR EVER“Then all people was quietly and we are listen Mr.Doctor he said your friend die We are sad because my the best friend die.      The End

Dan’s strange teacher by Lennon

One day in Dublin there was a boy heading to school. His name was Dan. Dan saw his teacher  and  his teachers name was Mr.Russell, he was pink???He thought to himself wow he  is cool. Breaktime came and the teacher was eating a giraffe and Dan was shocked. He just ran out to the playground.He quietly called his friends.”Have you seen Mr.Russell” he said. They all went to the canteen to see for themselves. There was Mr.Russell sitting at the table   eating a giraffe and drilling pieces of wood together to make a spider for halloween.  The boys looked at each other and said “how strange”.

The Pink Teacher By Maksim

Once in a school called St Pink Giraffe there was a teacher He weared  full pink and everything he had was pink every kid thought he was obsessed with pink BUT he was color BLIND! so then when we was teaching a wood lesson where he was drilling wood with his PINK drill and kids asked him why do you have everything pink and he said idk what your talking about!
im color blind and the kids said OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhh?!

The strange day by Aurimas

When I was walking to school there was strange noise like a giraffe was there but I thought aaaaa there is nothing there,I was behind the school I saw a teachers wearing pink clothes they all talked like girls and I loughed,but all kids didint do that I talked with my friends and they loughed to we came in class and theacher said no homework we sneaked quietly out of class there was something drilling I thought they were drilling kids but no they were drillllliiing!!!!! homework and Ed said no I said aaaaaa! what are you doing here um nothing and I woke up I thought it was only a dream aaaaaaaahhh! I LOOKED out of the window I saw a pink teacher talking like a girl! THE END.

A pink giraffe by Abraham

One day me,my class and my teacher went on a trip to the zoo we had a private school bus when we were all packed we set off.WE were half way up there was a big construction site so I looked over to see what they were doing and there I saw a man drilling a hole finally we got up there when we got there we unpacked so then we made a group of four I was with Jack.K,Niall and JJ so we went to look for the giraffe we found him the giraffe was pink we got to quietly tip-toe into the gate where the giraffe was.So after we had lunch when we were finished we had a chat with the lady and I asked “did you spray paint the giraffe”.

The best day of school by Shane

One day I was in school. We went on school trip to the Wildlife Centre. We got there we saw a Giraffe with pink underpants on him. My teacher was riding around on a skateboard quietly because the guard was asleep.But then the guard was awoken by a drilling noise . The guard seen my teacher and he got arrested and everybody ran off. five people ran off to  feed the monkeys. Other children got eaten by lions. The last pair of children went swimming with Penguins.All the children’s parents came and picked them up.It was the best day of school ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pink giraffe by Reyad

I was in school . I was going to Dublin Zoo. I went with my class . I so a pink giraffe.My teacher said walk . but I ran quietly i went to get a stone and I throwed  the stone at the  giraffe  it hit the pink giraffe on the nose and his nose fell off. He had to go to the vet and the woman had to drill whole above his mouth. Poor giraffe he went to the Zoo . When he went to his cage I killed the pink giraffe but my teacher found out who did this .

The zoo by Niall

I was in Dublin zoo.I was walking when i heard a loud sound it was a giraffe.He was drilling into the barn of the zoo.After that I kept walking when I saw a pink lion.The teacher told us to walk quietly.The lion was eating his dinner.The elephants were beside the lions.They were in the water swimming with there baby elephants.We saw loads of other animals tigers,buffaloes,birds and cheetahs.We went to the gift shop I bought loads of stuff.I was very happy it was a great day i would do it again I went to dinner it was it was great.


Johnny`s dream by Ryan.G

One day a boy named Johnny had a dream about pink Giraffes.Johnny was walking down the street and suddenly heard a drilling noise he walked closer and closer and he sees a gigantic Giraffe he was pink he was with a random teacher so then Johnny said hello i have never seen a pink Giraffe before so i said can i ride on his back the teacher said go for it he said don’t break your legs though i he said ride him quietly,Johnny said why, then the teacher said you will see, so Johnny hopped on his back he shouts Yee HA he fell off, that’s why i told you to ride him quietly,”AND GUESS WHAT HAPPEND HE BROKE HIS LEGS” the end.

The crazy day at school. by Bartek

It was a normal day at school.I was sitting in my seat waiting for my teacher to come in the class.When my teacher came in she said “SIT YOUR BIG BOTTOMS DOWN because I have a surprise for you”. when my teacher sat down she opened the door . And then an ENORMOUS pink giraffe came in. We all sat down quietly. the giraffe’s hoofs were drilling into the ground. He or she was licking my friend’s  face. His face  was so slimy when he  blinked his eyes slowly opened.I looked around and I saw scared faces.But the giraffe ran out the door and ran of busting into people.

Once upon a spy : The day of doom part 2 by Ed

“Well what do we do now” said DoomsDay . “We assemble a team of heroes to help” .” To get to agent.T we need use my sisters pink chopper mine broke down” said DoomsDay . “Why does it have a giraffe on it ? “It is her favorite animal” .                                                       …                                                                                     “Anyway we are here” .” No The door is locked”  . “We will have to use my new invention to drill in quietly” .” Get a move on or we will be drilling till tomorrow”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            …                                                                                                          They got in. “Hello honey & Doomsday “!” Yes he is helping us save the world from an alien invasion” . “Can I talk to you over here Evan” .”Okay said agent.C” . “You let him in my house “.” I told you so many times not to trust him it is like I am your teacher”. “And you broke my door”? “Why did you not knock” ? “We need you to join the team” . “Fine I’m in but this is not over.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       See you next time on once upon a spy-ED.

War becomes peace by Brandon

once upon a time there was a child in a war torn country and his parents were dead. All he wanted was peace . He was lucky to survive the explosion. going hungry so he done something about it. He made peace. He made an attempt to make peace and it worked. But the opposing country had to pay for all the damage done. Jimmy went to an orphanage and made lots of friends. One day he was adopted and he was in a nice home at last and he had peace.