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Year: 2016

chrims 2017.By Arthur

In 2017 Ihope All my famly come to 2017 chrimas.Chrims is not abought presnts.Itis all abought having fun with your famaly.And play gams like just dans wich is some much fun.And have diner with your famaly.And wach films like sthrwars,ironman.and go out side to play fot ball,bascet ballgo resing on bikes scoters.thben go in side to wach tv and rap the presnts.And gote to bead untail the moring and the kids wake up the hole famley. and they say santy came after opning presnts.we all have brekfast and go get drest and wo go out and make snow balls and make snow mean.

I hope by caedyn

I hope in 2017 that there are robots flying around in the sky and self  tieing shoe lease on my shoes. And you could get a box with a touch screen look up food and tap on it and the food will cook .And no one had to work well have to work on a computer and every one had  work . And everyone had to go to the gym or do sports .So every one stayed healthy . And everyone had a tv and there were no home less people left in Ireland at all but to keep the country side . And thats my hope for 2017.

titan monsters by dan

It is nearly 2017 I heard bad things about 2017. People heard that there will be a bad year people will die and survive some will get injured . In 2017 I hope i will survive 6 months later 1 day to go. then they came they were everywhere we were doomed I heard it already.  I ran to see what was attacking us  it was terrible titan monsters attacking the city my town I new what i need to do i went to the army . They were scared of the titan monsters I went up yo them and told a story that help them we went we were fighting we won  to be continued

New Year By Radek

It was nearly this moment! It was nearly new Year 2017 In 2017 I hope a nice year some greats days and some presents. In 2017 I will change my things I will be honest , good and nice to my friends In 2017 I want to play Pokémon GO and I want to catch all pokémons  and I want finish with 40 Level. But if I want to do this I have to be careful  when we play Pokémon GO , Pokémon GO is the best game to catch pokémons but is very dangerous so when we play Pokémon GO you have be careful.
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The Genie by Brandon Kearns

I had the worst Cristmas ever but hoped it would be better in 2017.  My wish came true and it was.  I got a brilliant present, a Genie all for myself who would grant my every wish, like a Mansion, a Dinosaur, and for all the homeless people to be rich, and everybody loved me and my Genie.  When I was 40 I became President of Ireland and made sure everybody was happy and that there were no poor families on the streets with the help of the Vice President who was indeed my own Genie.

I hope Aurimas

It was past Christmas it was 2016 there was a countdown to 2017 my mom said you can’t sleep until 12 o’clock it was 10 o’clock, I asked ,’why do we have to wait until 12′ she said ‘if we wait until 12 there will be fireworks. So I was waiting waiting and waiting until I almost didn’t fell asleep, I thought if I will watch TV then the time will go past, so I decided to watch TV .5 mins past because there was nothing good on TV,I sat on the ground and I heard something exploded I looked in the sky ‘fireworks’ I shouted it was 4seconds until 2017 and I thought in 2017 I hope I have a good Christmas and a good birthday.

Back from the Dead by Eoin

One day, in a world where a wish would never come true,a boy was at his granddads funeral.This was a weird world,where the New Year was Christmas,and the only time that a wish could come true.”In 2017 I hope,” the boy said”I hope my grandfather comes back.”2017 soon came,and the boy was waiting for days,but his granddad was nowhere to be seen.The boy was still waiting,months after his wish,but still his granddad never came.The boy visited his granddads grave 5 times a week,sometimes 6 times a week,because he missed him dearly.He was down at his granddads grave,when a miracle happened,the boys granddad appeared from the grave!

For 2017 by Lennon

What is Lennon hoping for???

In 2017 I hope for peace and more people living and no wars.We would all be happy if we all got peace.In 2017 I hope for a better season in gymnastics;One of the biggest things is for a coaching season for me;In 2017 I hope to become a better gymnast and a better child this year;In 2017 I most of all hope for peace , no fighting and not as much arguements as people have now a day. Imagine if there were no wars Thias story was writen from my heart please no wars by Lenon this is what I really hope for.

The best Christmas ever by Jack.m

It’s after Christmas Day in 2017,last year I said “In 2017 I hope I that I will have the best Christmas ever”.And that’s what happened.Here’s what went down.So I woke up at 6:30 am and my mom told me to go back asleep;So I snuck downstairs to look at my presents.At 8:30 am my dad came to pick me up.When I got there my Auntie Amy,Uncle Owen and his girlfriend Laura.Owen got me a b b gun and my dad got me a Play Station 4.The Play Station 4 came with Uncharted 4 and Call Of Duty Black Ops III.I went into my office to play the Play Station 4 and I fell asleep immediately. 


Hello my name is bob.I have planted a bomb to set of in 2017. I hope in 2017 it will set off.I have a dog called pudding. My perents were coming over for christmas dinner .When they came over they said hello bob how are you doing they said. My dad put gravey all over my dog and my dog ate my mam and dad. One year later my bomb set off and the hole town whent bye bye and my dog died  sadle but it was christmas so be happy  merry christmas evry body  and happy new year evry body bye

In 2017 by shane

for the new year of 2017 ,in 2017 i hope that there will be no wars ,no murders and no crashes and no bad people in the world.I hope there will be sadness just hapieness because nobody wants wars and bad things like that.lets all hope for no bad or sad things to happen because nobody wants to be sad. i hope in 2017 everybody around the world will be happy and not sad at all.i want to happy for all of  2017 and for every year and i hope you want to be happy.lets all  hope in 2017 there will be just happieness.

man utd relagated for ever

so next year when the premier league comes back and it  is   going to be very good.I hope that utd lose every game because they have the worse manager ever. And one of there best players and it is Ibrahimovic and very bad for pour utd and know what is even bad if martial scores in any games they have to pay lot\s of money . they are going to be very pour they should sack there manager and sell there worse players ever just like Wanye Roony he is the worst player ever in 2017 I hope that man utd get relagated for ever

The Hope by Habib

Once there was a little boy who saw the news one day. He was so sad to hear about the war news in the world. This little boy wanted to stop these wars by writing a letter to the world, this is the letter. In 2017 I hope there is no more wars only peace. I hope there’s no bombing in every country,and there is peace. I hope there’s no car crashes or killing in every single country, just peace. I hope every country treats each other fairly not rudely. I hope for all these things, and if you get this letter, In 2017 I hope for peace and equality. Thank you.

what i want by Ryan.G

One Christmas eve i was so happy to see my presents under the tree .But i was thinking of something for 2017 i hope i win the lotto and get a mansion and it will have eight floors with my one cinema room and a ps4 and a xbox with fifa 17 and call of duty . I will hopefully have a swimming pool and i hope for a gaming room and a trampoline room and i want to be a professional footballer and play for Manchester united and a luckey number 7 on the back.THE END.

The present By karim

It was April 27 and a boy called Edward was celebrating his birthday! He was opening his presents but before he did he said in a uneasy voice ” Incase I don’t get anything good in 2017 I hope I get a bike”. As he opened his first present it was a ps4 the next a xbox one. As he walked towards the last present it was long,tall and felt like it had some sort of gears as he ripped off the paper  it was a bike! “Yay!” he screamed out as he hugged everyone. Thank you Thank you as he took out the bike for a ride.

The house by Reyad

Hi guys my name is Ryan. I am 20 years old since I was 7 I told my parent I am going to buy you house. I was really hoping to buy them  a house in 2016 but I cant because i din”t have a lot of money. I hope in  2017 I will be able to buy them a house. Few months later I had enough money I bought the house . I went to pick  my mum and my dad I bought them to the new house. They thought it was my house but it was their house I told them its your house. They were so happy that they were crying I never so my parent that happy before

Dracula’s castle by EVAN

In 2017 I hope to see my dad run in Romania. He’s running a 100km race in Transylvania. It is over the mountains. There will be bears and wolves and maybe some vampires too . It starts and finishes in Dracula’s castle in a town called Bran. My whole family is coming to Romania too. My dad runs a lot of races, he has ran 50 marathons . He’s ran 100 miles in 23 hours before. And next year I hope to see him run a lot more. But the Transylvania run is first. I hope that in 2017 my dad will run a lot more runs next year

Premier league champions by Sam

In 2017 I hope to go back to see Chelsea beat Man United 8 nil, and watch them lift the Premiere League trophy in Stamford Bridge. It would be great to see Jose Mourinho s face and it would be great for the new Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.Chelsea had a terrible season last year I thought my dad would have a heart attack how bad they where.Now this season is so much better for them.I just love going to stamford bridge and I love London the city it is in. So that is why in 2017 I hope that Chelsea will win the premier league.


Hello MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA’LL. in 2017 i hope everyone will be well and we won’t have anymore deaths it’s ENOUGH ALREADY!,i hope aswell that the homeless people won’t be so homeless. And aswell i hope the wars stop where ever they are. Everyone deserves to live like the animals that are becoming extincted. Some people are heartless some are full of love and joy and some are just normal that just work,sleep,eat and that’s it. BUT basically all what im saying is that don’t be heartless-MEAN-ungratefull of what you have just stay safe,don’t be mean and LAZY


The wish by Ed

Once me and my class were blasted off to New Zealand by the class computer  where he said he wanted to see us in the wild . In his robot body he brought us to Robot central where we met Agent.C                                                                                                                                                        “How did you get here and why? ” I said. ” “Well this is a teleportation/time machine called the magnadoodle, and I came here because you guys had a video call here and I came to visit them. But that’s all besides the point I can make one persons wish come true and it will be yours.” He looked at me.” In 2017 I hope for simple peace .