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a day in school

It was a busy day in MR Russell’s class. The class was doing a huge project. They were creating a invention that would change the world. There were many ideas such as a robot teacher, flying speakers and the weirdest of them all a jet boat than turns into a car, jet and helicopter. The class went to Paris to crown the winner. There was more than a thousand classes overall. They did activities in Paris such as cooking baking and many more. Now it was to rank all of the inventions. In third place a flying hoover, second floating couch but the winner was the flying, driving and sailing car.

The end


“I’m a beast hunter and I have been looking for the last Unicorn 3 years now and have been trying to get a photo of it for my daughter Elizabeth. I have thought to myself many times was this really the only Unicorn left alive? and the answer is still unknown. I just hope i’ll be able to get a photo of it for Elizabeth before she grows out of loving Unicorns. All the sighting of the last Unicorn are in the Australian outback. I just hope i’ll get that photo of the Unicorn before Sunday, my plane is here now.”

WK 27:The Temple!

Hi, my name is Josh. I like everything about lost Jungle Temples. One of my favourite movie’s are Indiana Jones. One day my dad and I went wondering in a massive jungle. It took along time to save enough money to go but we finally save enough. The jungle that we were going to had a Diamond in the centre of a temple that was built years ago. When we got there, there were two paths. My dad trusted me to go alone. He gave me a Book with his will in it for some reason. I got upset and these big monkeys came sprinting at us and we died. 🙂 

week 18 Qin Shi Haung’s RAINBOW ARMY

“I’m alive!?” said the living statue in shock “and rainbow coloured ? I guess I wake up everyone else.” and  so he did until everyone else was awake.”WE RISE!!!” shouted all of the.”TOO AUSTRALIA!!!” they screamed.

A few hours later they arrived but when they where there they discovered something, THEY COULDN’T MOVE!!! “WHY!” he said .”CAN’T I MOVE!” he said confused. But little did he and the rest of the RAINBOW ARMY know they couldn’t move because the curse that made them come to life didn’t allow them to move when    someone looked at them.SO THEY COULDN’T MOVE EVER AGAIN!!!

Week 17 The weird statues

One day when I was walking around near the river in the park . They were weird statues there were multi colored. Like one had a red head ,yellow body and green legs and there were made out of wood . I took a photograph with my phone I showed it to my friends they said what are they . One of my friends said were are they I said in the park around the corner. When he left the house he went to the park when he got there they were gone he came back and told us they were gone and the never came back


“She`s coming!” John shouted in panic. “WHAT! she can’t be here, NOW!”  screamed the Banana Lord .

“She’s three months late!” screamed Maxwell while quickly trying to hide behind five saucepans, two kettle’s and a black, damaged banana. “Quickly! Hide, The, BANANA!!!” demanded the Banana Lord while awkwardly jerking in panic.

The next thing they knew  the door to the Banana Palace was opening and then with a loud thud, it was wide open.

There standing in the doorway was a tall woman with a black suit

???? ??: The Banana Who Commited Everything

A few billion years ago, there was this weird banana who had a life. He had grew legs and was able to speek a funny language. The banana met a heavy gorilla. “DONT EAT ME!” Said The Banana. The gorilla didnt understand him so he jumped up to catch it, but he missed and broke his head. After he met a black panther who loved bananas. The banana gave up on life, so he ran away as fast as the speed of light, but the panther caught him. The banana hated his existance so he letted the panther eat him.

Week 15 : The dog in the car

One day when I was walking I saw a car driving slowly down the road . I look in the window and saw a big furry dog . It was so cute the music was so loud the dog was barking and l climbed inside the vehicle . To get him home I loved playing with him  and he likes to sleep and eat . His owner started to put up poster to find him . The dogs name is buster and the owners phone number was on it . It was 08635350 he was not happy about this and he did not leave the house again.


week15: the spoiled girl

A girl called Beverly she was very spoiled so one day she wanted to go to the shop she told her mam “give me money now.” The mam said “no not this time you went yesterday” Beverly said “please I hate you if you don’t give me money.” Her mam gave her money. On her way she saw a pole “Which way to the shops?” it panted. She said “none of your business and I’m not talking to a stupid pole.” “I hate everthing and everyone i’m going home” she said. When she got home she got arrested because she stole her mam’s money.                                 THE END

Week 14: the bees

The bees are a hard working little things they live in a hive up in a tree. Until one day I saw a bunch of them on the city tower they where huge. I stoped and looked for a second I did not get that the were on the city tower looking all above but they didn’t harm me. I went a little closer again and they where golden bees I have never seen bees like that and they looked like little statues soon up the road a truck that says bee keeper. The End

Wk 14:Santa has made a mistake?

Its Christmas eve and Santa is getting ready.The elves are getting the sleigh ready.The elves names are Don and Mon.They are going to the stables. When they got there ,Gold wasps were eating the reindeer.Don and Mon said,”it will do”.They grabbed them and tied them up on the sleigh.Santa came with the bag of presents,thew them on the sleigh and sprinkled some magic dust.The sleigh flew off and they went to Ireland.Santa flew to a modern looking house.He landed on the roof.Santa climbed in the chimney.Delivered the presents and came back up.The gold wasps were eating all decorations in the town.Christmas was ruined in that town.

WK14 The Golden Bees

One day out of nowhere there was golden bees all over my house I went outside the house for a look . When I got out they’re huge I hit them with a stick but it broke . They started flying after me I ran inside to be safe. So they are not going to get me and they got into the house so I took cover. With a sword I had in my sitting room they found me hiding. They started to attacking me I ran outside they started to group up they hurt my leg .



Flying Pigs

I was taking a walk through the country side when I came across a farm. The farm had all kinds of animals, cows’ goat’s and pigs. There was something strange about the pigs. They were wearing helmets and goggles. There pig sties also had a roof on them, and the farm dog was walking up and down past them like a guard. It was like they were in pig jail. As I went around the back of their jail house one pig was after escaping. I didn’t realise they could fly until I saw him take off like a plane.

Week 13: The Fishiest President of United Fish

The fishiest President of United Fish was a little bit worser than Fysh and his fish-slapping-association. Fysh and Fash had bad ideas, going to buy Cadburys chocolate or just the continuation of the Fish-slapping-association.

Fush and Fash were going to the ring of cods, they started to levitate into the air!

I was there and said to myself “I didn’t realise they could fly”. And so went on, The Levitating Fish (good name for a book).

The President of United Fish is called Fush. As I said before, he is worser than Fysh and hes way grumpier than Fysh’s mom…


Week 13 – Potatoes

Once upon a time,there were people called leprechauns.Leprechauns were people who liked beer and lucky charms and protect the gold at the end of the rainbow.One day some people tried to steal the gold!They failed,the leprechauns didn’t hesitate and started a war but the leprechauns didn’t realise they could fly because they had planes.”FIRE THE CANNONS!”shouted Patty.After a while they started to run out of food which made them almost starve!But one lad suggested that they start growing potatoes,so they started to grow potatoes and won and thats why leprechauns love potatoes

The duck with long toes

I was walking around a jungle when a very weird thing happened. A duck with long toes asked to be my friend. Of course I said yes, so me and my duck went on walking. At about seven o clock we stopped for dinner. it was beef and eggs. it was delish. Then we slept until one in the morning. I was awoke by the sound of flapping. My duck friend was flying away with his family. I said to myself “i didn’t realise they could fly”. then I heard ringing in my ear. I was dreaming the whole time ! well better go to school !!

Week 13: The Flying Bird

One Sunday morning I went for a walk in the woods it was a bright and sunny day.There was squirrels and rabbits running everywhere.It was very quiet and peaceful.There was nobody else around, just me and nature.The scenery was absolutely beautiful.I decided that I would have a bit of fun.So then I started chasing the squirrels and rabbits when I was running I heard a shuffling noise coming from the tree.I looked up and saw a birds nest hanging on a branch.There were two little birds in the nest.All of a sudden they spread their wings and flew away, I didn’t now they could fly

Week 13: The flying ducks

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jerry. Jerry went to the duck  pond to give bread to the ducks. Two ducks came out of the pond , Jerry was about to give them bread , but they started flying. I didn’t realised they could fly ,” said Jerry. The ducks were chasing Jerry around the pond. Take all the bread ,” said Jerry. The ducks ate the bread and Jerry ran back home. The ducks continued flying but they were tired The ducks in the lake and they got killed by a shark. Jerry was sad for the ducks. so Jerry lived happily ever after. The end.

Wk13 He can fly

once upon a time there was a boy named Jim. Jim had a pet. Jim’s pet was a crocodile . Jim’s dad worked in a nuclear liquid factory. It was take you son to work day so Jim went to his dads work at the nuclear liquid factory (he was told not to take his pet but he did anyway). So as Jim walked down the factory lane they saw experiments being done in all the rooms. They finally past Jim’s dads office and Jim’s pet crocodile fell into some nuclear liquid and flew Jim said I didn’t realize they could fly his dad said he can’t the liquid mutated him.

wk 13 flying pigs

one day a kid asked his uncle can he have a dorito he said when pigs fly so the kid started building a rocket barrell  every day he built piece by piece step by step after he was almost done he asked for a dorito and his uncle said again when pigs fly.then the next day he built the rocket barrell all day untile he was done he just had to tiy the rope around the pig and the rocket barrell he asked his uncle again he said when piga fly okey look up the kid said his uncle saw a pig fly I dint think they can fly the doritos were all his.