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Week 13: The Fishiest President of United Fish

The fishiest President of United Fish was a little bit worser than Fysh and his fish-slapping-association. Fysh and Fash had bad ideas, going to buy Cadburys chocolate or just the continuation of the Fish-slapping-association.

Fush and Fash were going to the ring of cods, they started to levitate into the air!

I was there and said to myself “I didn’t realise they could fly”. And so went on, The Levitating Fish (good name for a book).

The President of United Fish is called Fush. As I said before, he is worser than Fysh and hes way grumpier than Fysh’s mom…


Week 13 – Potatoes

Once upon a time,there were people called leprechauns.Leprechauns were people who liked beer and lucky charms and protect the gold at the end of the rainbow.One day some people tried to steal the gold!They failed,the leprechauns didn’t hesitate and started a war but the leprechauns didn’t realise they could fly because they had planes.”FIRE THE CANNONS!”shouted Patty.After a while they started to run out of food which made them almost starve!But one lad suggested that they start growing potatoes,so they started to grow potatoes and won and thats why leprechauns love potatoes

The duck with long toes

I was walking around a jungle when a very weird thing happened. A duck with long toes asked to be my friend. Of course I said yes, so me and my duck went on walking. At about seven o clock we stopped for dinner. it was beef and eggs. it was delish. Then we slept until one in the morning. I was awoke by the sound of flapping. My duck friend was flying away with his family. I said to myself “i didn’t realise they could fly”. then I heard ringing in my ear. I was dreaming the whole time ! well better go to school !!

Week 13: The Flying Bird

One Sunday morning I went for a walk in the woods it was a bright and sunny day.There was squirrels and rabbits running everywhere.It was very quiet and peaceful.There was nobody else around, just me and nature.The scenery was absolutely beautiful.I decided that I would have a bit of fun.So then I started chasing the squirrels and rabbits when I was running I heard a shuffling noise coming from the tree.I looked up and saw a birds nest hanging on a branch.There were two little birds in the nest.All of a sudden they spread their wings and flew away, I didn’t now they could fly

Week 13: The flying ducks

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jerry. Jerry went to the duck  pond to give bread to the ducks. Two ducks came out of the pond , Jerry was about to give them bread , but they started flying. I didn’t realised they could fly ,” said Jerry. The ducks were chasing Jerry around the pond. Take all the bread ,” said Jerry. The ducks ate the bread and Jerry ran back home. The ducks continued flying but they were tired The ducks in the lake and they got killed by a shark. Jerry was sad for the ducks. so Jerry lived happily ever after. The end.

Wk13 He can fly

once upon a time there was a boy named Jim. Jim had a pet. Jim’s pet was a crocodile . Jim’s dad worked in a nuclear liquid factory. It was take you son to work day so Jim went to his dads work at the nuclear liquid factory (he was told not to take his pet but he did anyway). So as Jim walked down the factory lane they saw experiments being done in all the rooms. They finally past Jim’s dads office and Jim’s pet crocodile fell into some nuclear liquid and flew Jim said I didn’t realize they could fly his dad said he can’t the liquid mutated him.

wk 13 flying pigs

one day a kid asked his uncle can he have a dorito he said when pigs fly so the kid started building a rocket barrell  every day he built piece by piece step by step after he was almost done he asked for a dorito and his uncle said again when pigs fly.then the next day he built the rocket barrell all day untile he was done he just had to tiy the rope around the pig and the rocket barrell he asked his uncle again he said when piga fly okey look up the kid said his uncle saw a pig fly I dint think they can fly the doritos were all his.

Wk 13:Who Knew Bananas are rude?

Jim went down to the fruit and the disgusting vegetables store to get some fruit.Today was black Friday and sale for flying bananas.Jim seen the epic sale and bought every flying banana in stock.On the down side it only cost $200.29.Pretty expensive for some fruit.Jim ran back home and shouted,”MOM,FLYING BANANAS”!His mother shouted,”I DON’T CARE!Wait I didn’t realise they could fly.Are you sure there legit.”Lets see,”they said excitedly.Jim emptied the the bag and you needed to put them together  and it was hard.After one hour they were finally done.Jim pressed a button and the banana and it said,” get ripped off and no refunds LOSERS!

Wk13 stupid jhonny

So onece there was a boy named Johnny he had 1 friend Johnny was stupid so his friend had to tell him once they were walking along and they saw a plane Johnny said I didn’t realise they could fly.his friend was laughing because Johnny didn’t know planes could fly.Jhonny  felt soo stupid even though he was.he thought he had no friends he told his friend stop laughing but his friend wouldn’t stop laughing at him.he thought he had no friends.he tried to make new friends but a few were his friends so jhonny was super happy.

Week 13 The Birds

Once there was a boy named Jimmy , Jimmy  loved birds and he said i didn’t realise they could fly to his mam . She said you are so  silly she said to Jimmy . Jimmy was angry so angry he kicked his mam in the bum bum . His mam got angry and grounded him from going at birds . He stole his mams credit card to buy a ps4 and an xboxs one x . His mam caught him at the shop and brought him home to his dad . His dad got so angry he smashed his xbox and ps4 .      THE END

Week13: the farm

The farmer woke up and he said “I’m going to do lots of farm work to get it over and done.” He had a long day today and he had to go to town and get new stuff so he got his breakfast and started to do his work. While he was cleaning up the pig sty he saw pigs flying. “I didn’t realise they can fly” said the farmer he was very worried and called the PGI and they said ye we get that a lot just stay calm we will come and the PGI took care of them. THE END

Elephant village

once a pon a time there was a Elephant named frog. Frog was a buissnes man he worked at the second hand violin shop whitch just recently been robbed. Frog had to get a new job. He was hired as a police man but the police station was blown up a few days later . He finally figured out that there was a criminal on the loose so he called  his friend Cat he painter. Cat grabbed his paintbrush and painted the criminal purple and the criminal was then blown up with his own bombs then he was sent to bury himself in a hole.                         The End

Week 12: Tim the elephant

Once upon a time there was a boy called Johnny. Johnny wanted to get a elephant as a pet. So he went to the pet shop to get a elephant. But before he wanted to get a elephant, he wanted a violin. Johnny got an elephant and a violin. The elephant was in the garden and Johnny was in his room using the violin. Johnny painted the violin purple. Johnny went to the elephant. I will call you Tim ,” said Johnny. Tim was so happy to be called that. So Johnny and Tim had a happy live after all. The end.

Wk12 purple elephant

So once there was a boy named bob he had a pet it wasn’t a normal pet.It was a purple elephant it wasn’t naturally purple bob painted the elephant purple.But the elephant was able to play the violin.Bob was bring the purple elephant and bob felt really happy.Know one knew why bob was so happy.but secretly bob was planing a surprise birthday for the purple elephant.So when bob went home and he left the elephant waiting outside when bob called the purple elephant in there was the surprise of the elephants the elephant was soo happy!!!🤗

Week 12 Dumbo The Elephant

Once  a pon an time in Brazil Rio.There was an happy elephant that loved painting everyday.The elephant’s name was Dumbo.One day Dumbo had to paint himself for a art competition of elephants. Dumbo now was very excited because his owner got him new colours. Such  as Red,Yellow,Purple and violet. Dumbo had all ready painted himself for a competition but since he got new colours he decided to do it again.Dumbo owner really wanted Dumbo to win because the prize was a special violin and 10.00 euro. When Dumbo enter the competition and gave you his art work to the judges and cried.After wining the competition.

WK 12:Mr elephant

“Mr Elephant, the show is about to start,are you ready?”said the show master.Yes ,Yes,i’m ready. “Excellent”said the master. Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome Mr Elephant.First Mr Elephant painted a star on the center of the circus.Then he put glue all over his face and put purple glitter on him.After some dancing monkeys came out and played a lovely tune on the violin.Every one cheered and every one was happy.After the show the master said tho the crew,”I am happy with the show but Mr Elephant,you could have done better,but oh well.Mr Elephant was so mad that he ran at the master an stood on him and killed him.

The best day for colin and his mate ronan WEEK 12

It was a very busy day in Waterford but for a reason. A circus was in town. In fact the biggest one in the world. People say they have dancing elephants and hip hop tigers . About around 3 o clock  a kid named Colin and his mate Ronan  snuck into the circus by cutting open the side. When they arrived they saw  a happy elephant playing a violin  painted purple. They never saw anything like this until now. They were astonished! About a hour later the gardaí found them and brought them into the middle of the tent to two fluffy armchairs. They enjoyed  the circus.The END.

week12: The Elephant

The story starts with an elephant called Bob it is a weird name for an elephant but that is his name. He was a happy fellow and he had a brother called Bobby. One day Bob found a can of paint so he found a paintbrush with it. He painted his violin purple. The owner was mad because firstly he painted the violin purple and he wasted all his paint. The elephant got punished and his mam and dad gave out to him and he was grounded for 2 years. the end

Week 12 Stuart the elephant

Once there was a elephant named Stuart kavanagh, Stuart loves to paint today. He painted himself purple and he was happy about himself being purple. His mam came up to him and said why are you painted purple. His mam said you are grounded for painting yourself purple. When he was grounded he played the violin he was happy playing the violin . Stuart’s mam was happy for him and he played it on street for money . But his mam had to be with him . All the time he is not in the house or he is grounded for longer. The went home .                THE END!!!!!

Music to my ears

One day there was an enormous elephant called Eddie who was part of the Circus.His master was a mean old man who painted Eddie purple to perform for the Circus.That made Eddie very sad so he decided to run away.He hears a wonderful sound and decides to follow it.He sees a little boy playing the violin.The Little boy lives all alone on the street.The little boy and Eddie became good friends.The boy plays the violin while Eddie dances to the music.They  make lots of money together and they both made each other very happy and lived happily ever after.